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I only rely on Caladryl, when it comes to fighting severe sunburn or any other skin allergy. I hail from one of the hottest city in India, Cuttack. I used to get sunburn and rashes frequently. But thanks to Caladryl, it helped me get over it in 7 days. I have been using Caladryl for the last 5 years and would strongly recommend everyone for using it as a sole solution for any kind of skin allergies and irritation.
- Isha Shaw
We just got back from a holiday in Goa but due to the heat my daughter got a very bad sunburn. She always had a sensitive skin but we were not expecting the discomfort she got into. Cold compress was not working so we asked the chemist for help and he just prescribed us this lotion called Caladryl. It did wonders. She got such a relief and so fast too.
- Mrs.Kajal Rai- Mumbai.
Caladryl is just awesome. It works like magic on skin allergies. I have been using it for my five year old son since two years now in consultation with his pediatrician. Am happy using it and it is very safe to use too.
- Mrs.Yashita Shetty, Mangalore.
Prickly heat powders are no good for summers in Delhi. I rely on Caladryl for all skin allergies and problems. It soothes my skin of all irritations and without any side effects.
- Mr.Ishan Mehta, Delhi.